Professional in Auto-Deposit and Withdrawal

Flash Pay is an ahead firm being launched by Dream Capital Fund Company committed to providing the most convenient and professional gateway in auto deposit and payout in online gambling industry.

New Era of Auto-Deposit and Withdrawal

FlashPay is also the innovator of the state of art technology being consisted of auto deposit and withdraw in 5-10 seconds

Our company has involved the cutting-edge technical team cross abroad for the past 3 years, We developed the intelligent auto deposit and payout system on an independent basis. We successfully achieved a 5-10 second deposit and payout revolution. Reducing manual labor and improving fund flow efficiency and accuracy.

Our platform provides two core functions of flash collection of fund and flash payout ,which has brought revolutionary shock to the online gambling industry

[1] Supporting Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and the other major banks.

[2] Deposits will be credited as fast as lightning no matter how many bank cards being configured, automatic top up.

[3] Opening API interface, can connect to your system backend directly.

[1] Supporting the major banks to make payment, for example Bank of QingDao and PingAn Bank are our recommended bank

[2] Audit payment and non-audit payment will be both available. For non-audit payment, each customer's withdrawal transaction will be paid out instantly.

[3] For audit payment, as long as you click on "audit" to confirm, flash pay will make the payment immediately

Customers deposit to the designated bank card account via AliPay, Wechat Pay or Online Banking, regardless of the number of bank cards, once you log into our system’s backstage ,you get access to the confirmation of fund being received in 5-10 seconds through API interface.
1.Log in
2.Deposit Methods
3.Access backend
4.Through API Interface
Client logs into the front-end account to create a deposit order.


Transfer to bank card


Transfer to bank card

Online bank

Online banking transfer

Merchant accesses to FlashPay account to confirm client’s transaction.
FlashPay pushes the deposit data to backend of merchant’s system through API interface.
Auto-deposit has done!
With the support of the state of art technology, each customer‘s withdrawal will be completed within 5-10 seconds as long as they meet the requirements being set up ahead .we will open the API programming interface to the user to support seamless joint between our system and your background to be carried out, labor costs of hiring the finance will be reduced exponentially.
1.Log in
2.Data Backend
Client logs into the front-end account to create a withdrawal order.
Client fills in all the details completely and the order will show at the backend of merchant’s system.

Audit Payment/Merchant verifies the order before sending the order to FlashPay system

Non-Audit Payment/The order will directly send to the backend of FlashPay system .

FlashPay system will start payout the fund to client automatically once received the order
Transaction to client will be done within 5-10 seconds!
Product Advantages Flash Pay Third Party A Third Party B
Keep and control the funds yourself
Only provide system and API interface service for company
Multiple bank accounts can be configured to ensure the stability of services
Both collection and withdrawal are made by transfer
Provide you with 7X24 hours professional online customer service